Terms for linking to the Site

Acceptance of the Terms for linking to the site

The Terms for linking to the Site govern your use of lagodivarese.com's logo ("Logo") and the way you can link to www.lagodivarese.com ("Site").
By accepting the Terms and conditions of service you also accept these Terms for linking to the Site.

Links to www.lagodivarese.com

You are allowed to add a link to www.lagodivarese.com to your web site only if you agree with and accept to respect the following conditions:

1. The Logo and the link to the Site will not be used or displayed in a way that disparages www.lagodivarese.com, , its affiliates or their products or services, infringes any intellectual property or other rights of the emakers or any of its affiliates, violates any state, or international law, or damages in any way the emakers or its of its affiliates;

2. Every link to www.lagodivarese.com always must be active;

3. the emakers reserves the right to make any change to the information and/or license provided herein at any time for any reason;

4. the emakers reserves the right to revoke the Logo license for any reason, in which case you agree to remove the Link and stop use of the Logo within 24 hours of notice of revocation. In such a case you will be prohibited from reinstating the Link or using the Logo without further written permission from the emakers.

Link existence notice.

It is not mandatory to inform www.lagodivarese.com about a link to the Site, even though we would appreciate that you informed us of the link existence.

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